Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trapped & Surrounded

Just finished (rainy Sunday in Tokyo today so great chance) printing my work for the 1/day art&food event in Asakusa on Oct 27, 47 Monochrome A4 prints. Click HERE, SunSunBoat for the blog or HERE for the FB page. Pretty DIY and I think I found a red line to guide the visual eye and senses. This one became very personal and though the theme is "Tokyo"it steered toward me & the City and the mood I have been feeling the last couple of years. If in town, come by and say hi, try to figure out the deal and see ehat light you see my images in.

All shot with my new/old Canon AE-1p with a prime 24mm f/2.8 lens. Love this camera and the images turned out really grainy, rough and with a dark mood…well, the theme was Tokyo…that is what the city represents right there...

Monday, October 7, 2013

The 24mm Eye

Breaking my own standards and core ideas of this blog and post these images taken with a slightly wider 24mm (f/2.8)view than the 35mm lens I have used for this project. I got this really great little 35mm film camera as an impulse purchase and as you know, these types of buys are many times the best ones you ever do. A Canon AE1-p and all these images below are from a batch of 7 year outdated Fuji Presto NeoPan film that has been sitting idle since the day I started shooting more Digital and completely forgot that I had these stock. I will continue to shoot with this little-big "Manual Snap" camera at random places and situations, no real direction in mind, just let the images occur and hopefully learn and understand more as time is counting down from here on.

4649 / Stay Sharp